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Extra-Curricular Opportunities in Business

While employers are looking for high academic standards they are also looking to employ people with a range of interpersonal, entrepreneurial and employability skills. In our Business and Enterprise Department we aim to give our students a variety of opportunities to engage in quality enterprise activities to develop these skills. Our students put the theory they have learned in the classroom into practice to help them further understand its usefulness and importance in today's business and economic world.

In the Business and Enterprise Department students have an opportunity to take part in a number of competitions and enterprise initiatives. These can vary from year to year depending on the pupils interest.

  • Young Enterprise Company Programme
  • Stock Market Challenge
  • Build a Bank Challenge
  • Thornhill Mini Company Programme 
  • Student Investor
  • Institute of Directors Programme
  • Entrepreneurship Week Events and Competitions
  • Business & Enterprise Master Class Workshops
  • and various other opportunities to attend conferences/seminars as they arise.


Young Enterprise Company Programme

 In year 13 students can take part in the Young Enterprise Company Programme.

 This is where students research potential business ideas, set up and run their own company. A Young Enterprise Volunteer Business Adviser mentors students through the year during regular company meetings to help them identify potential opportunities and threats to their business. These students then compete with other schools/colleges in their region, across the UK and internationally  for the highly prestigious Young Enterprise Company of the Year.





Congratulations to our Year 13 Young Enterprise Company 'PhoneBox' who scooped three awards for their innovative product 'Hang Up' at the North West Trade Fair held in Foyleside Shopping Centre on Friday 29th January.

These awards were for -

Best Sales Person
Social Media Award
Best Overall Company

The company of sixteen members were delighted to report that their 'Hang Up' product SOLD OUT at the trade fair. Managing directors Ciara Donnelly and Mairead Dobbins  explained that the team came up with the product idea for several reasons.

Firstly, many charger leads have a weak point where they tend to break and using the holder helps to prolong the life of your charger as there is les pressure put on this area.
Secondly, it means you can dedicate a socket in the home for charging the phone making it easy to locate.
Thirdly, it is widely reported that some people keep their phones under their pillows at night and this could be a potential fire and radiation hazard. To prevent this why not  'Hang Up' your phone.
The company are moving forward and are currently in the process of replenishing their stock after the rapid sell out at the trade fair.  Dearbhla Roddy reported that one person  commented that the Hang Up product has 'Safety, Style and Functionality'. We couldn't agree more.

The team include - Jane McMonagle, Shannon McCallion, Grainne Doherty, Dearbhla Roddy, Ciara Donnelly, Mairead Dobbins, Erin Gillen, Aine Duddy, Rionach Duffy, Kristen Wallace, Siobhan Lynch, Catriona O'Donnell, Charlie Brown, Aoife Tracey, Courtney Kyle and Niamh Wilson

Good Luck Girls!!





Congratulations to our Year 13 Young Enterprise students who recently won the prestigious Innovation Award at the Big Celebration 16 Award Ceremony in the Titanic Building, Belfast. The students were delighted with their success. They also received the Twitter Award for the highest number of tweets.

The students set up their company 'PhoneBox' in October 2015. They developed their product idea of the 'Hang Up' and went about designing, manufacturing and marketing it themselves.  The whole company programme experience has been invaluable in giving our  students a real insight into all the areas of business and to bringing an idea to market.

The extract below from their Company Report explains their product idea.


Our product is a portable holder for use when charging or  simply storing you mobile phone in a safe place. It has been designed to have three main qualities - Style, Safety and Functionality.

Style - Design and colour are important to customer and is the first feature that attracts the eye. Market research provided us with  information about colour and design that our customers from different market segments would look for.

Safety - Our own knowledge of the hazards of charging phones for example, under pillows and on top of soft furnishing, has been well documented. From speaking with our own friends and family we realised this can be common practice and not everyone is educated on the dangers of fire risks and radiation.  Having a designated socket where the phone can “hang up” to charge reduces the dangers associated with phone charging.  According to the Indian Journal of Human Genetics, “40% of cells taken from mobile phone users show DNA damage,” Placing your phone in Hang Up away from a person aims to curtail the damage of radiation from mobile phones. The report also stated that “children have the potential to be at greater risk than adults for developing brain cancer from cell phones. Their nervous systems are still developing and therefore are more vulnerable to factors that may cause cancer.”

Functionality – The design of the holder is small and unobtrusive. Its functionality feature means that when a phone is placed in the holder there is less pressure put on the charging lead which often after a lot of use becomes weakened at the end. Using the holder minimises the stress on the pressure points of the charger lead. In addition, many parents we talked to in our research told us that they would love to get the phone off their children, for example, so they would study or simply engage in conversation at home rather than being constantly on their phone. This lead us to the idea of marketing the holder so it can be hung on a hook or knob so that members of the family can place their phone on it for a period of time when at home to allow them to be less distracted when doing something else.


Business & Enterprise



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