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Why choose to study Business Studies?

While it is obvious that those planning on working in most industries and prospective entrepreneurs should study business, all people should learn as much about business operations as possible. This includes those in the scientific, medical, education and government sectors, along with those who are simply consumers of products and services. Becoming knowledgeable about how businesses operate helps increase your competitiveness in the job market and to understand how the businesses and governments drive our world economies.


Business Studies is highly desirable for many careers whether they are directly business related or will be useful to complement another career path.  Students take on Business Studies for different reasons. Why not read below some of the reasons for choosing Business Studies that our present and past students have given.

"Studying business is great because you get the opportunity to learn things that are relevant to the society that we live in. I often learn about something in class and then go home and see something related to it on the news. Everything I learn in business studies is relevant for the world of work as well and that makes learning it much more enjoyable and interesting."

 "I love doing business studies because  I am learning something new which makes it exciting. It's not easy but as long as you keep up with your work you can get a really good grade."

"I want to study business at university and possibly specialise in marketing.  When I look around at our world today there are so many innovative ways that firms entice us to buy their products and I would loved to work for a marketing company getting involved in designing marketing campaigns"

My ideal career is accountancy. When choosing my subjects I wanted subjects that would be directly related to this and therefore I chose

Business Studies along with Mathematics. It was a great combination and my business knowledge helped me a lot when I went to university"

"I want to work for a large multi-national company and even though my primary interest is in science  I want to progress my career and take on a management role within a science related business. This is why I chose to combine business studies with my science subjects."

"I have always been keen on writing and as I have a great interest in both English and Business  I intend to combine these and go into journalism. In five or ten years time I would like to be writing in the business section of a major newspaper. " 

"My friend who was in year 12 told me about Business Studies and that she loved the subject and even tough I knew nothing about it at the time I wanted a new challenge. Therefore I went to the Business talk and also looked at  my friends notes and what she was doing and thought it would be interesting and valuable for any career. Now I am in Year 12 and I know I made the right decision in choosing Business Studies'

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