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School Closures 2016 – 2017

Term 1: Friday 26th August - Tuesday 20th December (incl)

Friday 26th August                                   INSET (Staff only)
Monday 29th August                                Year 13 Registration
Tuesday 30th August                               Year 14 Registration
Wednesday 31st August                          INSET (Staff only)
Thursday 1st September                         Year 8 only to attend
Friday 2nd September                             Years 9-14 only to attend
Friday 7th October                                   INSET (Staff only)
Monday 31st October – Friday 4th November (inc) Mid Term Holiday 

Term 2: Thursday 5th January - Thursday 13th April (incl)

Thursday 16th - Friday 17 February       Mid Term Holiday
Friday 17th - Monday 20th March          St Patrick’s Day Holiday
Thursday 13th April                                INSET (Staff only)

erm 3 Monday 24th April – Friday 30th  June (incl)

Monday 1st May                                     May Day Bank Holiday
Monday 29th May                                   Bank Holiday


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