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Thornhill College – Blended Learning Support for Students and Parents

Whilst it is our aim to maintain maximum face-to-face teaching and learning, we would like to share with you the contingency plans that have been put in place by Thornhill College should we experience a localised or wider lockdown.

At Thornhill College we have reflected on our pedagogical goals and how technology might help to achieve these. We have learnt from the experience during lockdown and gathered feedback from our pupils, staff, parents / carers to create a blended learning approach that will ensure all students are engaged.

On their return to school, our pupils will receive training on the effective use of Google Classroom and Microsoft Teams, as platforms to aid a blended learning approach. We have also created student / parent guides on the use of this software as a further means of support.

Please click on the links below to access our student / parent guides and presentations:

Microsoft Teams (Student & Parent Guide)

Google Classroom (Student & Parent Guide)




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