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We wish to announce the official launch of the school’s “Gifted and Talented Programme” commencing September 2017

“Gifted and Talented” describes learners who are achieving at a level substantially beyond the rest of their peer group either within their academic setting or through their extra-curricular activities.
Those learners who demonstrate extremely high levels of ability compared to their peers across the entire population will be identified as Exceptionally Able and will be referred to by the term “Gifted and Talented”.
The criteria for identifying students who are gifted and talented will be subject to review.
A draft policy is in place for the first year of the programme. This policy will be trialled during the school year, ratified by the Board of Governors and then placed on the school website. We look forward to the support of parents and students.

Mrs A O’Neill
SENCo / Gifted and Talented Co-ordinator


Gifted and Talented Pupils



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