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Update for pupils, parents and staff.

Dear Parents and Pupils

I want to take this opportunity to share a weekly message and update with you.

We now find ourselves in the second week of remote teaching and learning and gradually becoming more accustomed to this way of working. As a parent myself, I understand only too well that it has not been easy adapting to this new routine and rhythm to life. As expected, there have been some initial teething problems for both staff and pupils. However, all we are asking is that everyone is patient and simply do what they can.

I have been extremely heartened by the many examples of wonderful work that have been shared by your teachers via our Twitter accounts, fabulous baking treats in HE, amazing Tepees in History, outstanding creativity in Art to name but a few.

I know that many of you are joining our PE department following Joe Wicks on his daily workouts and the many physical challenges that they have set. In doing so you are supporting the NHS as today he shared the message that over £80,000 has been raised and will be donated to the NHS as they continue to do their incredible work in their fight against Covid 19.

It is vital that we are keeping physically active and mentally strong in the days and weeks ahead. I am certain that the positive messages shared daily by our RE department are lifting your spirits too. We have provided a list of services and useful links for you through our school App that can be accessed should you require additional support. Furthermore, your teachers are available for you to contact through Goggle Classroom and e-mail.

Parents I want to thank you for your support in assisting us with our learning platforms. I know that this has been a great challenge for many of you as you strive to manage the demands of both home and work and now the additional challenge of supervising home schooling too. You are all doing an amazing job!

Each day we are faced with such uncertainty but please remember you too can only do your best and encourage your child to reach out to their subject teachers for that additional support.

As a school we will do our best to provide whatever support is required whilst your child is away from school. I know that many of you are dealing with many worries and concerns, especially those of you assisting in whatever capacity in the daily fight against Covid 19. Our prayers and thoughts are with you all at this time.

A special message to our examination classes as we appreciate that this is a difficult time for you all. We know that Summer 2020 exams have now been cancelled but I can also clarify that CCEA has also directed that ‘All forms of internal assessment for GCSE and GCE exams for CCEA are to stop. This means no student will be asked to finish / complete any further coursework or controlled assessments as part of their course’.

I would like to reiterate that all learners and teachers should continue with their programmes of study to help prepare the students for the next stage of their education.

‘CCEA is currently working with examinations regulators on a range of options to agree the best approach about how grades will be calculated’. Once an approach has been agreed with the Department of Education, this will be shared immediately with you.

This is a time for all of us to pause, and reflect on what is important in our lives. Girls please make sure to help out at home, stay in touch with family and friends and do your best to stay positive. In the words of Victor Hugo, ‘Even the darkest night will end and the sun will rise’.

I would like to take this opportunity to remind our essential Key workers that should you require to get in contact with us or request any support I ask that you do so through our school info account During the last week we have been busy responding to various queries and requests and we will endeavour to continue and respond as soon as we can.

We thank you for all your continued support and pray that we keep safe in the forthcoming days.

Please continue to follow the Government and PHA guidance- ‘Stay at home and Stay safe’.


Warmest regards

Sharon Mallett and all the staff at Thornhill College


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