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Thornhill College Principal, Miss Marguerite Hamilton, has announced to the Board of Governors, staff and pupils of our school her decision to retire at the end of October 2017.

Following her seven years as a pupil in Thornhill, Miss Hamilton returned to begin her teaching career in September 1977. She has served the school in many roles over the past 40 years and her seven years as Principal have been highly rewarding.

Under her leadership as Pastoral Vice-Principal the school was recognised as “outstanding” in Pastoral Care in 2009.

The school was inspected in 2015 by the Education and Training Inspectorate when the achievements and standards achieved by pupils were again deemed to be “outstanding.”

Miss Hamilton leaves behind a legacy of exemplary teaching and leadership for current and past pupils and colleagues.

Everyone in Thornhill would like to express our appreciation for her dedication and commitment to our school community and wish her every success in her well-deserved retirement.



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