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Congratulations to Dairina Nash (Year 13) for her participation in the winning of prestigious national award for a website, created by local young people living in care, to help others to gain access to health and well-being services in the Western Trust area.

The site, ‘’, was awarded the Best Co-Produced Project by the National Leaving Care Benchmarking Forum at an awards ceremony in Manchester earlier this year.
Dairina helped to create the free website, alongside a number of other young looked after teenagers who all gained Open College Network (OCN) qualifications through developing the site.
Dairina gave a presentation at Thursday’s meeting of the Board of the Western Trust, held at its headquarters in Altnagelvin Hospital.


The app provides access to the website’s information, videos, scenarios and links directly to specific organisations, ChildLine, MOMO (Mind of my Own) and Lifeline, where you can click on the link and call immediately if you are in need. There is also contact information on the site for a number of other organisations that can help with a range of issues.
Speaking at the event, Dairina  told the Western Health Board how proud she was to win the award for the site, which was sponsored by the Public Health Agency and was a year and a half in the making.

Dairina said she thought the app was a valuable tool for young people and spoke about understanding mental health issues as she has experience with some family members and friends suffering from problems and having lost a friend to suicide.

“I understand that sometimes young people might not always want to talk to a doctor or they may be embarrassed, so I understand what the app can do and now it’s won a national award.
“I’m so proud we won the award. I was just so proud, we all were.”

Below is the link to the website:

'Young Health Help' website



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