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My name is Blessy Biji and I am privileged to be the Senior Head Girl of Thornhill College.

This year marks my final year in our school community and my experiences here so far have been nothing short of incredible.

It doesn’t seem so long ago now that I was a Primary 7 pupil myself, awestruck at how big the school was and wondering whether I would ever get to know my way around. However, the staff here at Thornhill, along with my Junior and Senior class councillors ensured that my transition from Primary school to Secondary school was as smooth as possible.

Although our school is physically quite big in size, we are blessed with a close-knit school community which makes the school seem much smaller. Thornhill provides opportunities to allow for the holistic development of students, preparing them for the world of work and enabling them to become key contributors to society. On an academic level, this is done by providing modern classroom facilities to aid learning and create an effective study environment which ensures that pupils can achieve to the best of their ability. Moreover, engaging in the numerous clubs and societies we have available enables us to develop on a personal level by making new friends and improving our interpersonal skills. The ethos of Thornhill College, embedded by the Sisters of Mercy, is rooted in a strong Catholic faith which also helps us to grow spiritually.

One of our major strengths as a school is our amazing teaching staff. Our teachers are highly qualified and they deliver classes in an enjoyable way, using a variety of teaching methods to appeal to different learning styles of pupils. They are dedicated, supportive and approachable meaning that a good rapport can be built between pupils and teachers- something that I believe is vital in order to achieve academic success as well as create a friendly atmosphere within the school community.

My time at Thornhill has provided me with some fantastic moments and I can’t believe that I only have one more year left. I am grateful for all the guidance and support I have been given and all the wonderful friends I have made. Thornhill has taught me that the sky is the limit and that if you work hard, anything is achievable. I am proud to be a member of the Thornhill community and even more proud that I am able to represent its brilliant students as Head Girl.

Blessy Biji
Head Girl 2016-17




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