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The 2016 Bar Mock Trial competition took place on Saturday 10th December in Derry Court and was the first competition to be held in the North West.

Our team were guided greatly by our mentor barrister Linda Robinson who ensured that each individual was well prepared for their role, had confidence to perform in court and were knowledgeable about the criminal justice system.
The barristers presented confident and eloquent opening and closing speeches in court and skilfully questioned their witnesses and gained an impressive result for their positions in prosecution and defence. Our witnesses conveyed their excellent preparation by showing their knowledge of their character statements and calm approach to challenges from the opposition.  We relied heavily on the organisation of the court clerk and usher to ensure the trial and its structure ran effortlessly.  The jury got to avail of observing the trials of other schools and had to explain their verdict explicitly to the judge.
We want to congratulate one of barristers, Karolina Zebrowska as she was named as the best Barrister of the competition by the three judges. They complimented her on her excellent style of questioning and her ability to use the information she gained from her examination of witnesses effectively, particularly in her closing speeches. Congratulations Karolina!


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