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Biology FieldworkBiology is a fascinating, popular and useful subject.

At Thornhill College we aim to give our pupils a detailed insight into all aspects of the living world. We encourage our pupils to develop a real interest in the subject and to acquire high levels of practical skill.  

In so doing we also aim to prepare pupils for assessment at as high a level as possible, and to also prepare them for future roles as decision makers in the scientific world.

 Department Objectives

  • To give a detailed insight into the intriguing nature of natural science;
  • To make the pupils aware of the processes of scientific investigation and biological enquiry;
  • To develop the skills necessary to work safely with apparatus, biological material and living organisms;
  • To develop an appreciation of the huge biodiversity of our planet, and of the crucial role humans have in protecting it;
  • To understand how the human body works;
  • To develop our pupils' powers of critical analysis so that they can make value judgements about contemporary scientific issues;
  • To develop an awareness of the applications of biological knowledge and expertise in wider society;
  • To provide a thorough grounding for those who wish to continue studying Biological Sciences at a higher level;
  • To prepare each pupil comprehensively, and to as high a level as possible, for public examinations. 

Our Teaching Strategies

A wide variety of teaching strategies are used within the Biology Department, reflecting the diverse nature of the subject. These include:

  • Instructional
  • Demonstration
  • Experimental
  • Theoretical
  • Teacher-directed/ questioning
  • Peer mentoring
  • Content based learning
  • Discussion
  • Investigation and individual inquiry
  • Group Work
  • Field study
  • ICT modelling/investigation 




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