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Business Studies is suitable for those pupils with enthusiasm and drive. 

Business Education is becoming increasingly valuable for young people as it provides the skills that employers are looking for, and the knowledge that is becoming essential in a modern economy. Business skills are vital for a range of careers and relate to the real world of business outside the classroom. 

Pupils learn about businesses and the way in which they operate within today’s society, gaining skills which will be useful in a wide range of jobs and in their personal life such as decision making, problem solving, the ability to quantify and manage information, and to challenge assumptions.

At GCSE and A-level, pupils are taught by the same teacher for two years. This allows for consistency in the delivery of the course and enhances classroom relationships.

 To further enhance teaching and learning speakers from a range of different industries are invited on a regular basis to make presentations to the students. Industrial visits and the use of ICT is incorporated as part of the courses.

In Thornhill College Business Studies is offered at both GCSE and A'level. At A'level students have the choice to study GCE Business Studies or GCE Applied Business. Pupils at all level study specifications from the CCEA examining body.

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