Educating concerned, informed, adaptable
members of the world community

Aim of the Department

‘To provide an effective CEIAG provision that enables learners to become independent career decision makers, empowered to manage their own career pathways successfully with due respect for their local and global community.’

Extract from the ETI Post Primary Inspection (January 2016)
The provision for careers education, information, advice and guidance is a high priority at whole school level. As a consequence, it is well established and very effective. The needs of the individual are met to good effect through a coherent, well-planned and progressive careers programme across all key stages.”

In Thornhill College, Careers Education, Information, Advice and Guidance (CEIAG) is at the very heart of learning. We are committed to providing pupils with access to high quality careers education, information, impartial advice and guidance to enable them to make informed decisions about future career pathways which are realistic, matching their interests and aspirations.

Careers Staff

• Mrs L Hunter (Head of Careers)
• Mrs C Mallon (Vice Principal)
• Mr B Douglas (Senior Teacher, UCAS, References, Oxbridge)
• Mrs M Hegarty (Work Experience)
• Mr B Deane (Second in Careers)
• Mrs M Browne (Head of Business Studies)
• Mrs S Byrne (Year Head)
• Mrs C Devine (Head of Chemistry)
• Mrs K Doherty (Office Support)
• Mr D McCay (Head of 6th Form)
• Mrs M Moohan (6th Form Supervisor, Nursing and Midwifery Support)
• Mrs B Simpson (Year Head)

Outline of Programme

The CEIAG programme is made up of the following elements:
• A well-planned programme of careers education across each key stage.
• An introduction to personal career planning in Year 10 involving the process of target setting, action planning, researching and reviewing career options. This is revisited on an on-going basis throughout the key stages.
• Individual impartial careers advice and guidance in Years 12, 13 and 14 from experienced staff in Thornhill College and the Careers Service
• Provision of an extensive range of information about employment and education options including labour market information, entry requirements and progression routes


Year 12 pupils enjoy the annual Special Careers Day where they benefit from the first-hand experience of a range of guest speakers from diverse career backgrounds.




Many opportunities in Year 13 and 14 to experience the workplace and develop employability skills.
Year 13 pupils participate in a planned week of Work Experience. Where possible, pupils arrange their own placements in line with their chosen career route. They are carefully prepared beforehand and receive a visit from a member of staff during their week's work experience.

At the end of the placement, the employer provides a written report about each participant. The pupils are encouraged to assess their own performance and use it to inform their career choice.


• An extensive range of well-conceived enrichment activities and career-focussed events to prepare pupils for the world of work in the 21st Century.


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