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A wide range of extra-curricular activities is available through the Homework Club.

• Most Clubs and Societies are open to all year groups, unless specified below (e.g. (Yr8) means Year 8 only).

Homework Club Activities 2018 – 2019 

Homework Club - Code of Contact

Fitness Club – Monday / Wednesday(All Years)
ICT Rooms – Mon/Tue/Wed After School
Junior Choir - Monday After School
Library – Monday/Tue/Wed After School
Netball -Monday Yr9/10 After School
Senior Choir - Monday After School
Year 8 Choir - Monday After School
Year 10 Netball – Monday Lunchtime
French Club – Monday Lunchtime (Yr8)
Space Science Technology(Yr11/12 – ICT4/Phy)
Senior Art & Design – Mon/Wed After School

Athletics - Tuesday/Wednesday After School
Chess Club – Library (Open to all years)
Cross Country – Tuesday/Wednesday After School
ICT Rooms – Mon/Tue/Wed After School
Library – Mon/Tue/Wed After School
School Orchestra – Tuesday After School

Bar Mock Trial – Yr13 After School
Ceili Club/Dancing – Wednesday 1st Lunchtime
Code Club – ICT1, Wednesday After School (Yr 8,9,10)
Debating & Public Speaking – Wed After School
Fitness Club – Monday / Wednesday(All years)
ICT Rooms – Mon/Tue/Wed After School
Library – Mon/Tue/Wed After School
Netball – Yr 11-14 After School
Science Club – Wednesday After School(Yr8)
Technology Club - Wednesday After School
Third World Group – Wednesday Lunchtime
Traditional Music Club - Wednesday After School
Space Science Technology(Yr11/12 – ICT4/Phy2)
Spanish Club –Wednesday Lunchtime(Yr8)
Senior Art & Design – Mon/Wed After School
Yr10 Art Club - Wednesday After School

Danske Bank - Thursday Lunchtime
Fictionaries/Scribblers - Senior Book and Writing Club – Lunchtime Eng4
Gaelic Football - Thursday After School
Year 9/10 Netball – Thursday Lunchtime

Credit Union – Friday Lunchtime
Junior Book Club – Friday Breaktime
Soccer – Friday After School


**Pupils are reminded to listen to the School intercom announcements and look at School Notice Boards for additional information as, on occasion, some Clubs and Societies may change days and times due to weather conditions or as a result of other activities occurring in the school.





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