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The annual Thornton Cup project promotes the use of French and a greater awareness of French culture.

This year’s project, ' Les Dictons', invited pupils to graphically represent a French saying or proverb.

Hannah Quinn's representation of 'Rien ne vaut son chez soi' (There's no place like home) was judged to be the most innovative and colourful, and a worthy winner of the Thornton Cup. Bravo Hannah!

1st place  - Hannah Quinn 10F                                      

2nd Place - Megan Campbell 9C             

 Joint 3rd Place - Mia McCrea 8B and Aisling McDaid 10H

 1st - Hannah Quinn 10F2nd - Megan Campbell 9C

Joint 3rd - Mia McCrea 8BJoint 3rd - Aisling McDaid 10H


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