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History is...
History is...

Students enjoy History because they find it interesting. They enjoy learning about famous and influential people, studying lives and times very different from our own and making discoveries about their own and more exotic places in the past. An interest in people and places is common among students who study History.


History trains its students in lots of useful skills. You learn to investigate, research and analyse, develop writing skills, argue a case, present conclusions clearly and persuasively. These types of skills help History students in all types of different careers in later life.


Employers think highly of History students because they can think and present arguments well. Some History students become teachers, or work as archaeologists, librarians or museum curators. Others become journalists or lawyers. More get jobs as managers in administration, finance and government.


A high-point of the study of History at Key Stage 3 are the Field-trips students go on. These involve travelling to different centres where students learn by seeing historical buildings and artefacts for themselves, or by dressing up in costumes. These Field-trips are highly enjoyable and show that learning History can be fun.

  • e.g. Year 8 students have visited Carrickfergus Castle to study the Normans.
  • e.g. Year 9 students have visited Draperstown and Bellaghy to study the Ulster Plantation and the changes it brought to the north of Ireland.
  • e.g. Year 10 students have visited the Ulster American Folk Park to investigate life in Ireland around the time of the terrible Famine.

AS/A2 History

History is...History is one of the most popular subjects in Thornhill College with students studying the subject from Year 8 to A Level. Examination results at A Level are excellent, and a high proportion of our students go on to study History or related subjects at University.




1 hr 30 m external examination paper (includes the use of sources)
(Assessment weighting: 40% of AS, 20% of A2)


1 hr 30 m external examination paper
(Assessment weighting: 15% of Advanced GCE)

45 m external examination paper
(Assessment weighting: 30% of AS, 15% of A2)
1 hr external examination paper (synoptic)
(Assessment weighting: 20% of Advanced GCE)
45 m external examination paper
(Assessment weighting: 30% of AS, 15% of A2)
1 hr 30 m external exam (includes the use of sources)
(Assessment weighting: 15% of Advanced GCE)


 GCSE History

At G.C.S.E. level our students study the Modern World, dealing with such major topics as Northern Ireland and the ‘Troubles’, Hitler and the Nazis, the contest between the U.S.A. and the U.S.S.R. in Europe and Vietnam. These are subjects which continue to have great effects on the lives we live today.

Our programmes of study are designed to be interesting and relevant and appropriate for developing skills which people use throughout their lives in many different ways.




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