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Home Economics is a key part of the curriculum at Thornhill College at all levels. All pupils in Years 8, 9 and 10 are timetabled for weekly Home Economics classes. Many pupils then continue at GCSE level to study Child Development and Home Economics.

In the Sixth Form, Applied A-level Health and Social Care is very popular and A-level Home Economics is also studied by some students.

Key Stage 3 Home Economics

All pupils in Years 8, 9 and 10 have weekly lessons in Home Economics.
The programmes of study contain three essential and inter-related strands of experience:

  • Diet and Health - students get the opportunity to develop the understanding required in the choice, planning, storage, preparation, cooking and serving of food.
  • Home and Family Life- students explore the importance of the family as a caring unit.
  • Independent Living- students are given the opportunity to understand the importance of becoming discerning and effective consumers in today's economic climate.

Practical work is very important and forms a central part of the programmes in Years 8, 9 and 10. The pupils learn a wide range of techniques used in the planning of meals within a budget and in the preparation of food.

Pupils gain the knowledge and skills to understand the relationships between individuals in family, to appreciate the importance of diet in health and well-being, and to plan and prepare a variety of healthy and nourishing meals.

 Junior Cookery Club

Hi, my name is Chefette. I'm the mascot for the Wednesday Cookery Club. Every week as part of the Homework Club we prepare and cook dishes , both savoury and sweet, to suit everyone. The pupils enjoy trying out these recipes and learning how to be adventurous in using herbs and spices to create great flavours and aromas from their cooking. They also learn very useful new culinary skills and techniques.

For our Christmas recipe we baked Christmas tree cupcakes and presented our Principal with some.  Ms Hamilton was very interested in how we went about making them and was looking forward to enjoying them at break time!

GCSE Home Economics

This course aims to encourage an understanding of the relationship between nutrition, food choice, diet and health as well as the development of practical skills in food preparation.Emphasis is placed on the process of exploring issues, the development of practical food skills and the effective management of resources.

The specification provides a sound basis for the further study of Home Economics and related subjects at a more advanced level.

Course Content

The course includes the following key areas of study:

  • Family Life
  • Diet and Health
  • Choice and Management of Resources
  • Practical work involving food preparation forms a key component of the course in each of the above areas.

The course is assessed via the following components:

  • One externally assessed examination - (weighting 40%);
  • Two controlled assessment tasks:  one of which involves a practical element of food preparation (combined weighting of 60%)

 GCSE Child Development

The Home Economics (Child Development) course involves the study of the physical, intellectual, social and emotional development of young children from conception up to the age of five years. It is a relevant and stimulating specification to study.

Course Content

The course aims to encourage an understanding of pregnancy, the responsibilities of being a parent, and the overall needs of young children.Emphasis is placed on the importance of maintaining a healthy lifestyle.The course provides a sound basis for the further study of Home Economics and related subjects at a more advanced level.


The course is assessed via two components:

  • Two externally assessed examinations - (weighting  20% each)
  • Two controlled assessment tasks (combined weighting of 60%)

GCSE Child Development is an excellent course to study for those interested in a career as a primary school teacher, nurse, midwife, child psychologist, speech therapist, paediatrician, health visitor and many roles in the field of medicine.

As well as these chosen careers it is a subject that will be of benefit to everyone later on in their life.

Home Economics



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