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For World Book Day this year, we decided to set ourselves a challenge and chose the theme of Numeracy!

This was also in keeping with our whole school focus for this year. You may think that numbers and letters don’t have a lot in common, but read on to learn more.


We ran a competition in KS3 where the pupils had to redesign a book cover for a famous book – the only catch was that the book had to have a number in it!

Our winners were:
Emma Corns 8C, Grace Flynn 8E, Sophie O’Donnell 8H
Hannah Coyle 9F, Rachel McGowan 9G
Aoife Levi 10D, Aimee Quinn 10C

We ran a writing competition for Senior pupils, where pupils were asked to write a short story of approximately 150 using Mathematical Language. Pupils were given the first line and they had to use their imagination and creativity to compose the rest! We had some brilliant entries and our winners were:
Joint 1st place:  Aoife Canning 14C and Sofya Dobrynina 12A
Joint 2nd place: Eire Dunne 11B  and Maria Doherty 11D
Joint 3rd place: Beth McKinney 11B and Faye Twells 11D

Events of the Day

After decorating the foyer of the school with literary numerical details, the school Literacy Prefects hid 200 images of book covers all around the school. During break-time pupils hunted for these and any pupil who found a book cover which had a number in its title, could bring it to the library and claim a prize! There was a lot of enthusiasm and competition to find these prize-winning book covers and needless to say there wasn’t one left hidden by the end of break-time.

At break-time in the Library we had a Book Swap, organised by the Book Club. Pupils were able to bring in books they no longer wanted or used and swapped with each other for new reading material. A lot of very happy readers by the end of break!

At lunch time several events took place in the Assembly Hall. We had several craft tables set up where pupils (and staff!) could make their own bookmarks.

We had another competition running where pupils had to guess the number of words in one of the eight books on display. Our winners for this, who made very good guesses, were:
Grainne Turton 10H
Erin McBride 8F
Olivia Dunne 10G
Erin O’Connor 12H

Three of our Year 8 classes performed some poetry for everyone, and they chose poems based on numbers.

Finally we had a quiz, where the three rounds were based on numbers, letters and books. From the 35 teams who entered our two winning teams were:
1. Mrs Ormsby and Mrs Devine
2. Riona McGlinchey, Chloe McElhinney, Orlaith McCoristen and Enya Harkin (all from 8D)

As you can see from the pictures, we really enjoyed World Book Day this year, and it seems that reading and numbers aren’t so far apart after all!



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