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KS3 Mathematics

Mathematics at Thornhill CollegeAll Key Stage 3 pupils are taught in their form class groups, and usually each class is taught by the same Maths teacher for three years. This allows for consistency in the delivery of the Programme of Study, and also fosters good classroom relationships.

At KS3 our pupils study a programme which enables them to develop a knowledge and understanding of :

  • Number;
  • Algebra;
  • Shape, Space and Measures;
  • Handling Data

We encourage all pupils to develop:

  • the application of mathematical skills to real life and work situations;
  • increasing competence in mental mathematics skills;
  • increasing competence in pencil and paper methods;
  • increasing confidence in the use of mathematical language and notation.

In addition to timetabled Maths lessons, extra tuition is offered every week for those pupils who are experiencing difficulty with particular topics or skills. We have developed a very successful mentoring programme which allows senior pupils to act as Mathematics tutors to KS3 classes.

GCSE Mathematics

GCSE MathematicsAll pupils follow a two-year CCEA GCSE Higher Maths course (graded at A*, A, B, C and D). The majority of pupils study modules T4 and T6 but students who find Mathematics more challenging can study modules T3 and T6 with a target of attaining a Grade B.

Almost half of our pupils have the opportunity of obtaining a double Maths qualification at GCSE by completing GCSE Higher Maths and either Additional Maths or GCSE Statistics.

AS and A2 Mathematics

The Maths Department currently offers AS Maths courses in Year 13 which leads to the A2 course in Year 14. The student to required to study three modules in Year 13 and a further three in Year 14.

Extra-curricular Mathematics

We encourage all of our pupils to see how the knowledge and skills they acquire in their Mathematics lessons can be used in all other subjects. We have developed and will continue to develop strong links with other subjects and have explored common approaches to teaching numeracy concepts across the school.

We also emphasise the importance of Mathematics in everyday life and give the pupils opportunities to explore how Maths is used in a wide range of careers. Through puzzles, games etc we provide opportunities for our pupils to appreciate that Maths can be fun!


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