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We have planned for a staggered, measured and safe return for both pupils and staff. As a result, we have extended our transition / induction days and the full school return will be on Monday 7th September.

Return to School

The dates of return for each year group are as follows:

Monday 24th August - Years 12 & 14

Tuesday 25th August - Year 12

Wednesday 26th August - Year 13

Thursday 27th August - Year 8

Friday 28th August - Year 14 (UCAS)

Tuesday 1st September - Year 11

Wednesday 2nd September - Year 9

Thursday 3rd September - Year 10

Friday 4th September - Years 11 & 13 *

Monday 7th September - All Year Groups

* Friday 4th September has been allocated as a day for Year 11 & 13 pupils so that all choices and timetabling issues can be resolved. Only those girls that need to attend will and they shall be informed by the relevant staff.

School Calendar (2020-2021)

Term 1:

Monday 24th August - Monday 21st December (inclusive)

Mid-Term Break - Monday 26th October - Friday 30th October (inclusive)

Bank Holiday - Monday 31st August

INSET Day - Friday 2nd October

Term 2:

Wednesday 6th January - Thursday 1st April (inclusive)

Mid-Term Break - Monday 15th February - Friday 19th February (inclusive)

St Patrick's Day - Wednesday 17th March

INSET Day - Thursday 18th March

INSET Day - Thursday 1st April

Term 3:

Monday 12th April - Wednesday 30th June (inclusive)

Bank Holiday - Monday 3rd May

INSET Day - Monday 31st May

INSET Day - Monday 14th June




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