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Congratulations to Molly Duffy (Year 11) on winning the 2018 Derry Junior Chamber 'Voice of the Future' public speaking competition.

Molly spoke on the issue of axing MLAs pay in light of their absence from Stormont.

Molly celebrates her success with Ms Connelly, Co-ordinator of Public Speaking'Voices of the Future' is a public speaking competition aimed at school children across two age groups (13-15 & 16-18), where the leaders of tomorrow are given a unique opportunity to showcase their abilities and to share ideas on important local, national or global issues. Closely aligned to JCI’s Public Speaking Competition, Voices of the Future encourages young people to express their opinions amongst their peers, challenge other peoples views but prepared to be challenged themselves.

Public speaking is a critical skill of a leader who can motivate people toward positive change. Every well-prepared speech should have an introduction that captures the attention of the audience, a body featuring the speaker’s message, and a powerful conclusion summarising the speaker’s arguments.

The competition gives every participant a way to express their thoughts to others in an exciting and challenging way, with winners and runners-up in each age group.

Well done Molly!


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