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Thornhill College Library is staffed by a full-time Librarian and is open from 9.00am until 5.00pm Monday to Thursday, and 4.45pm Friday.

The Library at Thornhill College is one of the finest school libraries in Northern Ireland. Its reputation extends beyond the Western Education & Library Board area. The advice of its staff has been sought by other schools anxious to improve their own library facilities.

The Library’s ethos is based on treating all users as customers and on recognising that pupils should be encouraged rather than compelled to use the Library. One of the aims of Thornhill Library is to give pupils access to reading material that will enable them develop their individual tastes and to discover the enjoyment of reading. All Year 8 pupils receive an intensive Library induction course during their first term at the College and the Library puts together displays of books and other media to bring to pupils’ attention material in different subject areas.

The present stock amounts to some 16,000 items and is catalogued using the Dewey Classification system. Our stock is regularly updated and all subject areas are covered. 

Thornhill Library is staffed by a full-time Librarian and is open from 9.00am until 5.00pm Monday to Thursday, and 4.45pm Friday .  It is also used as part of the Homework Club on Mondays, Tuesdays and Wednesdays until 5.00pm. It is always available to pupils and staff throughout the working day. 

Teachers regularly bring their classes to the Library for visits and research purposes. The Librarian is always available to help pupils with their information requests and in particular with information gathering for special projects.

The Library stock incorporates both the material necessary for curriculum-based work and material for leisure reading. The Library provides curriculum led resources for GCSE, AVCE and A-Level pupils. There is an excellent Reference Section. Our stock also includes a range of Periodicals covering those subject areas dealt with in the school curriculum and for recreational reading. The Library has an ever increasing fiction section that is heavily used by our pupils.
Inter-Library Loans

Thornhill Library also provides an Inter-Library loan service for its pupils and staff. The Library is registered with the British Library and this enables us to order items from them. It is one of the Library’s policies that no query is abandoned until all sources have been exhausted.

New Technology

The Library is fully computerised for everyday management. The Library also has monitored internet access for pupils. We continue to investigate new technology and its use in the Thornhill Library.



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