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Technology and Design at Thornhill College enriches the academic curriculum by developing in students a flexible range of skills including; control, communication, designing and realisation, all of which are transferable across a wide range of academic subjects and careers options. Students who have developed these abilities find them particularly beneficial in the ever changing and challenging World of Work (WOW).

A central aim of Technology and Design is to allow students to effectively communicate their design concepts to others in a comprehensive manner firstly in classes and later having developed both their skill and confidence to wider audience through internal school competitions and external national events.

Students are given the opportunity to explore a range of design ideas, materials, mechanisms, systems and manufacturing processes thus through the experience of realization where they create their product designs.

KS3 Technology & Design

Key Stage 3 offers students the opportunity to develop their creative capability based on the skills and knowledge of Technology & Design. The subject skills and knowledge included: communicating, planning, appraising, manufacturing, materials, components, energy & control. In year 8 the pupils have the opportunity to design in 2D a skill which is subsequently developed in 3D design a the use of Computer Aided Design opportunities over the remainder of the key stage. Pupils are provided with project tasks that allow them to use a variety of materials and techniques during their years of study including electronic circuit manufacture.

Technology & Design at GCSE and Beyond

All students have the opportunity to study Technology and Design at GCSE, AS and A level. Students studying Technology and Design at Thornhill College take the Edexcel GCSE Design and Technology: Resistant Materials Technology (RMT) specification. If you enjoy:

  • Thinking creatively
  • Problem solving
  • Designing products of the future
  • Making models
  • Testing your ideas

...then Technology is the right subject for you!

How will you be assessed?

Unit 1 - Creative Design and Make Activities (Coursework 60%)

You will have the option of completing your coursework unit in two different ways.

  • Through a combined design and make activity where you design a product and then make a model of it.
  • Through separate design and make activities where you design one product and make another.


Unit 2 - Knowledge and Understanding of RMT (Examination 40%)

The examination will be based on a structured exam paper which your teacher will be able to guide you through. Everything that you need to learn for this unit is set out in the specification so your teacher will know exactly how to prepare you for the exam.



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