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The Technology and Design department are delighted to have welcomed Firmus Energy, Kier Group and Mrs Jenny Piper the Utility Regulator Chief Executive to install a time capsule in our school grounds marking the completion of the Foyle River Crossing Development that will provide natural gas for the city.

The time capsule included a range of different items about Thornhill College and everyday items that future generations will find interesting. Head Girl Sarah Kelly and Deputy Nicole Hamill Gormley along with Erin Ferry, Aisling Mortimer, Beth Bradley, Dearhail Durkan (Middle and Junior School Prefects), Trinity McKeever, Faustina Collins, Aoibheann McElhone and Lexi Melrose (Technology and Design) collated and packed the time capsule before the capsule was set to ground.

This project has provided the students of Thornhill College with an insight to STEM pathways through site visits and careers information. This authentic learning has been an invaluable connection and a great opportunity to be part of local history. The time capsule will help people remember this large construction project and how life has changed from 2019 to 2069.


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