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A Guide for parents & guardians of children who have taken the Entrance Assessment

If your child experienced a medical or other problem which may have affected his/her score in the Entrance Assessment please consult the following guide:

PPTC Claiming Special Circumstances - A Guide for Parents and Guardians 2017-18


To register your claim for Special Circumstances with the Assessment Centre by
2.00 pm on 15th December 2017 please use SCR Form below:

SCR Form - Registration of a Claim for Special Circumstances


Gather documentary evidence of the medical or other problem and the required educational evidence

You receive your child’s results from the Entrance Assessment (27th January 2018)

Did the medical or other problem affect the result your child achieved?

Should you wish to proceed with your claim for Special Circumstances
please complete the SC1 Form and attach it, with the verified evidence, to the Transfer Form

SC1 Form - Claim for Special Circumstances




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