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Thornhill College strives to achieve a fully inclusive learning environment to allow all pupils to make outstanding progress. We have a holistic approach to learning to ensure each pupil has access to the full curriculum and facilities. We understand that each pupil is unique and our Learning Support Team work tirelessly to adopt a personalised approach to support pupils in a wide variety of settings. We will work closely with pupils, staff and parents to provide additional support when needed.

SEN provision is a key priority in Thornhill College and is embedded in all Teaching and Learning. The learning experience of SEN pupils is further enhanced through our tailored Learning Support lessons which provide an opportunity for Key Stage 3 pupils to develop Literacy and Numeracy skills. All pupils are screened in Year 8 using CATs, PTE and PTM tests and any pupils that are identified as needing extra support can avail of our lessons. 

We liaise with a variety of external agencies to cater to the needs of all pupils so they can access any additional support that may be required.   

Our aim is to support all pupils across the Key Stages so that they have the most enjoyable learning experience here at Thornhill College.

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