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The Community ‘Are you Screenwise?’ Campaign has just been launched for the Outer North Area, which is our local Neighbourhood Renewal Area.

The campaign came about at the request of local school Principals who recognised poor pupil attention, learning and early language difficulties.
The awareness programme highlights problems with the overuse/dependence of mobile phones, tablets, computers, in society.
It has been developed by Greater Shantallow Area Partnership in conjunction with the Outer North Cluster of Extended Schools, covering all Schools and Nurseries in the area.
This campaign began last week, and will continue until the end of March.

Thornhill College has a role to play, with an information evening, on Thursday 23rd March, for all parents and householders in the Culmore and surrounding area.

Please click on links below for further information:

'Are you screenwise?' Campaign poster

'How much screen time?'





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